Past Projects

 Here are some of the sites and projects we have worked on:

Dawson Creek, B.C, – 300mm steel pipe replaced with 300mm HDPE, pipe was between 2 sewage outflow ponds

Highvale Mine, ALberta – 300mm HDPE DR9 replaced with 300mm HDPE DR11

Taylor B.C. – 200mm clay replaced with 300mm fusible PVC

Tsawwassen – 3000 meters of 100mm A.C. pipe replaced with 150 HDPE

Medicine Hat, Alberta – 300mm clay pipe replaced with 350mm HDPE at a depth of 10 meters

Calgary, Alberta – 450mm reinforced concrete replaced with 600mm HDPE

Valhalla, Alberta – 1000 meters of 75mm steel replaced with 75mm Flexsteel

Richmond, B.C. – 250mm pvc replaced with 500mm HDPE